Allow your teachers to share their screens with their students.
screen sharing software

  • Share From Any Device

    Teachers can share from their PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, Android devices, SMART Boards, and more.

  • Installation-Free Viewing

    View from any device with a browser (including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and tablets) without installing any software.

  • Record For Later Playback

    Record from any device for later viewing by teachers, students, and administrators.

  • Benefits For Teachers

    Track student engagement in real-time.

    Record sessions for later review to help with lesson planning.

    Save time by not having to reteach lessons that students miss when absent.

    Share recorded lessons with other teachers for professional development.

  • Benefits For Students

    Follow along as well from the back of the room as the front.

    Allow visually-impaired students to easily see their teachers' screens.

    Watch lessons from home if they cannot attend school because of an illness.

    Improve learning by being able to review lessons when studying for exams.

  • Benefits For Administrators

    Improve test scores by allowing students to stay caught up even when they are out.

    Review teachers’ lessons for observation purposes.

    Reduce IT administration by not having to maintain software on students' computers.

    Share recordings among teachers to disseminate effective lessons.

Customer Reviews
May 25
Screenleap is amazing
Screenleap is amazing. I have never had an issue with it as many times as I've used i...
January 18
Easy and Convenient
Fantastic and simple way to share information with someone remotely.
August 31
This the easiest screen sharing I've…
This the easiest screen sharing I've ever seen. I'm already recommending this company...